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Slow-down Living in Onrus

Billed as “your little house by the sea” this ATKVdevelopment, located between the Groenberg Mountains and sea, is but a stone’s throw from top-class wine estates, golf courses, shopping centers, beaches, restaurants and Hermanus Medi-clinic. Negester Onrusrivier comprise some 125 full-title properties, a modern, well-equipped sectional title care centre and 50 residential units. The amenities include [...]

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One of the many reasons to live and work in Hermanus

Article from Business Insider UK by Joe Avella and Libby KaneA top financial adviser says the notion of retirement is gone — here's what he thinks people will do insteadRic Edelman is the founder and executive chairman of Edelman Financial Services, one of the nation's leading financial advising firms, and author of the new book "The Truth About Your Future: The [...]

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Who’s responsible for the Growth?

What, in the mid 1800’s, started as a small village by the sea, has grown into a large town. With large towns being defined as populations of 20,000 to 100,000, Hermanus shook off its village status back in 2011, when then already, boasting a people count exceeding 32,000 … Who is responsible for infrastructure, [...]

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That ‘one day’ promise you made yourself.

Once, upon a true story, there was a man who kept telling his friends “one day I’m going to have myself a home in Hermanus”. It took him some time to deliver on this promise and what did he do when, eventually, he made his dream come true? He christened his home One Day [...]

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Living between a Rock and a Beautiful Place.

Is how Voëlklip living can be described, and will be only one of many reasons why property on this streets and avenues stretch is so popular. Being lodged between mountain and the Atlantic Ocean makes for one the most tranquil and sought after seafront property locations in South Africa. It stands to reason why, [...]

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Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Do I buy? Or do I build? The answer to buying: what you see is what you get. On building: you get what you want and what you want to "see". The one sure thing? No matter what your decision, property is the best investment you'll ever make. Whether as owner occupier or for [...]

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From a Drone’s Perspective

South Africans, semi-grating from all parts of the country, for a long time already have identified Hermanus as their preferred retirement and second home destination. Similarly, the international market, fondly referred to as ‘swallows’ are flocking to Hermanus and the greater Overberg for the same reason. Given the proximity to Cape Town – what [...]

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