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That ‘one day’ promise you made yourself.

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That ‘one day’ promise you made yourself.

Once, upon a true story, there was a man who kept telling his friends “one day I’m going to have myself a home in Hermanus”.

It took him some time to deliver on this promise and what did he do when, eventually, he made his dream come true? He christened his home One Day

Given the fast-paced lives we’re leading peoples’ ‘one day’ promises are being realized much quicker than it took Mr. One Day.

How come? Because of infrastructure, accessibility, commuting and technology making the world a much smaller place, the Overberg region has become the pet desktop subject of curious people all over South Africa and the world.

Commuting is no longer the chore of the national travelling sales manager – it has become a recognized and practical and preferred way of living and working.

Gone are the days when people live in places because they ‘have to’ as opposed to where they ‘want to’ live. Commuting has become the rule of quality and a fact of life.

The world over people semi-grate from large, chaotically overpopulated city living to more peaceful, connected and developed smaller towns from where they can run their businesses by remote or commute.

Making a lifestyle change holds many advantages not least of which adding quality to family life and health, pursuing new interests and taking time to consider one’s future.

What can be better than working from your study with a sea or mountain view? Making retirement plans or new ventures with the sound of the rolling ocean in the background? And to take the dogs for a beach walk ‘after work’?

Given the quick and easy commuter lane between Hermanus and Cape Town International Airport distant working has become a popular pastime. A healthy blend of quality of life while commercially active and relevant.

It’s been said that retirement is not for the faint of heart. By the same token making a family lifestyle shift is an investment worth considering with intent.

Why postpone the inevitable, when retaining a professional identity while living and working from the Overberg is a viable and proven lifestyle enjoyed by many? Why think ‘one day’?

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